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Who Are The Best Natural Bodybuilders

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Just like in the professional bodybuilding world there is no single federation that will have all the Mister and Miss natural competitions which means it is very difficult to pick the best natural bodybuilder plus it will obviously change from year to year just like normal bodybuilding does.

It is fantastic to see the results that good healthy living and correct training can actually put good quality muscle on without the use of artificial stimulants and steroids. Below is a very brief list of the top five completely true natural bodybuilders that have all been thoroughly tested more than once.

The first is Phillip Riccardo who is 39 years old and has won more than one completely natural bodybuilding contest and now has his pro card. He competes at around 180 pounds and always comes in looking ripped to shreds, which only comes from knowing his body extremely well.

Kiyoshi Moody is 40 years old and looks completely awesome onstage. He competes at about 195-200 and looks full of muscle, which is unusual for a completely natural bodybuilder.

Doug Miller who competes between 186 and 192 pounds also has a way of getting completely ripped to shreds and at only 33 years old we will no doubt see more of him in the coming years.

Jim Cordova at 31 years old and competing at 175 pounds has a flawless physique, which is why he is always placed in the top three of any natural bodybuilding show that he enters. With a perfect symmetry that rivals that of Frank Zane or Steve reeves he is no doubt something that we will see more of in the future.

Jeff Rodriguez at only 27 years old has the most impressive set of legs for a natural bodybuilder that we have ever seen. It is extremely unusual to see glutes that are shredded like a professional bodybuilder with the leg size to match.

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